Skint Portland, For the Frugal Vagabond

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Skint Portland, For the Frugal Vagabond, first edition

Contributing Writers: Carib Andante-Rivera, Joel Bell, Maranda Bish, Ian Friedman, Mary Locke

Copy Editor: Rachel Guerin

Designer: Jordan Sellergren

Publisher: Skint Press, June 25, 2011

112 pages, 7 maps. Copyright 2011.
ISBN : 978-0-9833784-0-2



Praise for Skint Portland:

“Skint Portland is the insiders guide to The Bridge City. With a funny and sardonic take on the often times pretentious culture Portland is known for, this is the essential guide through the oceans of hip alcoholic reservoirs, cheap eateries, and alternative ‘entertainments’ that Portland has to offer. Ideal for every yokel or soon-to-be local who party a little beyond their means and a scavenger hunt for any self respecting scavenger. Keep Portland Skint.” — Chris Sutton, Portland Resident and bass player for The Gossip

Press for Skint Portland: 

Cheaptown, USA, Portland Tribune

“The underlying message of Skint Press is that you don’t have to rely on your two-weeks-paid to get out there and see the world. You can go cheaper and stay longer.” — Anne Marie DiStefano

Book intended for Portland skinflints, Hollywood Star News

Skint Portland also emphasizes the underground cultures that surface in mainstream Portland: there are thorough, straight-forward descriptions for nearly every music venue in the Rose City, as well as what to expect from almost every record store in town. The guidebook also emphasizes the dive-bar experience over the high-end one, noting that the ‘foray into the night need not be expensive, nor pretentious.‘” — Staff writer

Skint Portland proves that frugality and fun are not mutually exclusive, The Rearguard

“The passage on local dress is required reading. Locke writes that ‘facial hair suffers from a general lack of maintenance; beards and mustaches are prevalent, even among those whom they do not flatter. The more bushy and eccentric a beard, the better.’ Skint [Portland] is the rare guidebook you read for pleasure as well as tips.” — Mikhail Revlock


Skint Portland is available from the following retailers:

Powell’s Books at all Portland locations
Broadway Books 1714 NE Broadway St, Portland
Zim Zim 2508 SE Ankeny St, Portland